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Josh + Sahar // Married

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Josh and Sahar had planned on having an outdoor wedding ceremony in Archeo’s beautiful courtyard, but an hour before the ceremony was set to begin, ominous clouds rolled in and with them thunder, lightning, and a downpour of rain. Fortuitously, with the storm came strong winds that swirled Sahar’s veil and gown around, bringing added drama to the already dramatic gown. And after the storm came the pinks, oranges, and lavenders. I love it when a couple asks that their dinner be kept under a heat lamp to keep it warm so that they can go out in the evening/dusk hues for more photos.

After spending an autumn morning with these two a year ago for an engagement photo shoot, I knew that we were going to have a lot of fun at the wedding, and I knew that we were going to make great images, because of their energy — always smiling and laughing — their style and the way they interact with each other.
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Felipe + Katerina // Married

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Felipe and Katerina booked me last minute for their wedding for a few hours. I met them, more specifically Katerina, for the first time when I pulled up in front of a small Orthodox church tucked away on Henry Street where they were having their ceremony, rolled down my window (Kendrick’s Damn still playing in the background) and said, “Hey! I’m your photographer.” She replied, “It’s just street parking, so drive around until you find a spot.” I later discovered that they had already had a larger ceremony in Mexico, and this one was to make it official in Canada. I had no idea how they found me (I’ve since discovered my pal Leemarc recommended me) but they were very complimentary of my work. They are the warm, inviting type that makes you feel a part of the gang instantly. I loved everything about their wedding: the beautifully adorned church with gorgeous soft light streaming in from all sides, the orthodox traditions, especially the crowns, the priest with the most amazing face full of soulful lines. There were moments that looked like it was set from a Rembrandt in tone, light, and colour. After the ceremony, with very little time remaining, we scooted over to Queen’s Park for a few portraits. I gave very little direction — these two were so natural with one another in front of the camera.
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Lia + Nick // Married

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Lia and Nick couldn’t catch a break with the weather. We postponed the first engagement shoot because of a thunder storm and when we finally got out several weeks later, it still rained. Their wedding day was more of the same: rainy, windy, cold. I’m always amazed at brides and bridesmaids on days like this one; they’re in their gowns and dresses while I’m in layers of water resistant Fjallraven and North Face. But harsh weather conditions didn’t seem to dampen Lia and Nick’s spirits and smiles one bit. They are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with, generously displaying affection for one another. Intimate moments would turn into big bursts of laughter. There were so many details to love throughout the day — Lia getting ready in her parents’ bedroom adorned with their wedding photos, the rich Macedonian traditions throughout the day, Nick bursting into the reception with the energy of an 80s rock star, and Lia’s grandfather overwhelmed with emotion upon first seeing her. I hope that you can also experience the joy of Lia and Nick’s day through these photos. Read More

Aslam + Amanda // Married

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When I first met Aslam and Amanda, the first thing they told me was that they would most likely be cracking up in every picture. I assured them that cracking up makes for great photos — laughter always translates well. As it turns out, they were able to curb their laughter and actually be quite intimate in front of the camera (even if just for a few moments … until they crack up).

I enjoyed that Aslam and Amanda can allow their silliness to be on full display without self consciousness. When I asked Amanda to twirl around in her dress to capture some movement, she saw it as an invitation to start fully dancing from one side of the path to the other, her and her bridesmaids all laughing hysterically. And when Aslam and I were in a room full of creepy taxidermied animals, he caught me eying up a bird, so he asked, “Do you want me to hold the bird? ‘Cause I would love to hold the bird.” These two are so much fun to be around, and even though most of their laughter is from inside jokes you never feel like you have to be in on the joke to enjoy the laugh. Read More

Lawrence Family

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The Lawrence clan is one of those effortlessly cool families — stylish, easy going, fun. They are a perfect fit for a Sunday morning photo shoot in Toronto’s Kensington Market. I met the Lawrences for the first time a few years ago, when we shot in the more industrial part of west Liberty Village, before little Jack was even walking. The dynamics of a family session change so much when a toddler turns into a kid. Jack no longer wants to be held, squirming out of most embraces, he’s autonomous and wants to experience the world around him on his own terms. Naturally, this means picking up rocks and tossing them, playing in greasy puddles, grabbing at dirty pipes protruding from walls (it is Kensington, after all), and occasionally tripping up and skinning his knee. But with this new found mobility also comes dancing, running, exploring, and having a go at a heavy boxing bag like his trainer daddy. The energy of this family perfectly encapsulated the essence of Kensington Market, its vibrancy, inclusiveness, and its sense of wonder in discovery.
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