Self Portrait

I grew up in a home filled with antique film cameras — a collection that has been passed down three generations from my great grandfather, Emil Bronislav. From a young age, I was fascinated by how the cameras looked and also loved taking and looking at pictures. Along the way, I’ve been inspired by filmmakers like Spike Lee, Woody Allen, and Wim Wenders. The style, mood, and cinematography of their films, including Clockers, Manhattan, and Wings Of Desire, stoked my love of the endless possibilities in telling stories through images, as opposed to written or spoken word.

One day, while flipping through books at Chapters, I discovered a book by Wim Wenders called Once, where he tells a single story with a single picture. To this day, Once sits on an end table in my living room, and I flip through it for inspiration often. I’m also inspired by sounds that evoke imagery — Miles’ trumpet on Flamenco Sketches and Chet Baker’s vocals on My Funny Valentine — in my photos, I try to capture the sound in that moment within a silent image. What inspires me most in photography is when a still image tells a captivating story … capturing candid moments that would have otherwise passed by unnoticed.

Early on in my pursuit of professional photography, I started with editorial photography, publishing in print and online. As my family evolved, so did my photography. After the birth of my first child, I changed my focus to Weddings, Families, and Events — a great fit for an emotional photographer like myself. I now have two awesome kids and spending time with them has taught me the fullness of living in the moment. It’s a privilege to capture joy, intimacy, heartbreak, humour, even the mundane moments that, at the time, seem insignificant.