Laura + Joash // Maternity

I met Joash and Laura a while back through my wife, and last week, I got a message out of the blue from Joash asking if I was free on Saturday and if I do “pregnancy pictures.” I responded “yes, I take maternity photos.” (We all had a good laugh about this over dinner afterwards.) I’m always amazed when couples are willing to shed their winter gear for outdoor photos in the freezing cold. Meanwhile I’m all layered up with a giant parka on and still feeling frosty. I tried to stick with spots that at least shielded them from the biting wind, so we started at the Novotel in the St Lawrence neighbourhood and finished up at the Distillery’s festival of lights. We were lucky that afternoon, the cloud cover was consistent and thin, so we had lovely light that allowed us to shoot basically anywhere (I call it nature’s “soft box”). By the time we got to the Distillery, it felt like we were shooting in the deep freeze, so I fired off a few shots for the 10 minutes we could bear the cold and decided to packed it in. To end our fun yet frosty afternoon together, we all headed back to our flat to warm up a little and then headed out for a warm, cozy dinner at our favourite barbecue joint and talked music and Super Bowl predictions … well, mostly them trolling me for being a Pats fan.

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