Siobhan + Sunil // Married

I love photographing intimate weddings that perfectly reflect the two people getting married. Siobhan and Sunil are outdoor people; their favourite activity together is being surrounded by trees and nature while hiking. They incorporated as much foliage as possible on their wedding day, the most apparent example being Siobhan’s epic bouquet (and yes, I know that “epic” is one of those overused words that gets thrown around mindlessly, but take a look at the bouquet … epic). We started the day at Toronto’s botanical gardens, and they asked me to capture as much of the gardens and surrounding woods as possible, whatever the light permits (it was a bright, sunny summer midday). It took several family members on cell phones to coordinate the “first look” photos at the busy gardens, calling one another to keep at bay the swaths of tourists and wedding guests from other parties wandering the grounds. Siobhan and Sunil have such a lovely connection — they could not hold back the tears when they first saw each other and again at the wedding ceremony while reading their vows. Another personal touch that worked well was having their ceremony and reception at Le Select Bistro, a restaurant on the west side of the city that Siobhan’s family has been going to for many years. Having the bulk of their day at the same venue kept things stress free and easygoing, which always translates well in the photos.

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