Ricky, Gary, & Freya

I officially started my photography business on June 1st, 2011, when I filled a neighbourhood Starbucks with a whole bunch of subpar pictures as a part of a photography exhibit. The pictures had a lot of heart, though, and they caught the attention of Ricky’s mom Lisa. When Lisa saw the photos, she called Ricky, who was living in Alberta at the time, and said something like, “You’ve got to hire this guy for your wedding, you’ll love his photos.” And that’s how I booked my first wedding clients. We did an engagement shoot in Toronto’s Distillery District December 22, 2011, and exactly five years later, we’re back at it, this time with their expressive little Freya. We spent two hours together at the family home, with Ricky, Gary and Freya fresh off a redeye flight from Colombia (where they now live). Most four-month-olds would be unimpressed, tired and cranky, but not little Freya, who, during the two hour session, ran the gamut of expressions and emotions and even worked in two power naps. The whole family only had the weekend together, but thanks to Lisa, Freya’s glowing grandmother, the moments shared with one another will live on in the photographs.

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